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The origin of digital security and trust

OrigoKey is the source of our new secure and trustworthy digital world.

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keeping your secrets safe


Blockchain based technologies like cryptocurrencies are developing rapidly to keep up with increasing demand. The success of a blockchain system depends on secured user access to the distributed database. Whoever has access to the credentials of a blockchain account has full control over the assets kept on it (currency, ID, contracts, etc.). Credentials for blockchain access controlling for example the storage and transactions of cryptocurrencies call for the highest possible protection and security

For example storing and transacting cryptocurrencies or tokens in a stock exchange means letting the control over your assets out of your hands, while using just a software wallet your sensitive data is too vulnerable. The best solution so far is to generate and store the transaction authentication keys in a hardware wallet. A secure hardware device which protects your credentials even in case it gets stolen or lost, and you can restore them onto another device.

OrigoKey is a state of the art hardware wallet in which you can store your extremely sensitive blockchain access credentials controlling for example your digital currencies in the most secure way. The device generates and stores your highly confidential transaction authentication keys and authenticates transactions with currently unbreakable and non-bypassable security technology, using a physically secure microcontroller.

But what maybe even more important than protecting funds, is that it enables the birth of secure and trustworthy internet by also protecting your digital identity and personal data, and giving the control over them back to you from the few huge online corporations holding them today.

Apart from storing blockchain access credentials it offers other security solutions as well.

OrigoKey is also a hardware authenticator, you can use it to store passwords or to log in securely to your computer or online services.

And an encryption device as well, suitable for high-speed military-level AES-256 data encryption and decryption on your computer via USB port or on an SD card without the need for any other separate device. Both in a way that the encryption key never leaves your OrigoKey.
color display with touch screen

1.5" color IPS display with capacitive touch


Sensitive data is generated and stored inside a secure element.

Multi platform

Software applications available for Windows, Linux, MAC, Android and iOS.

Unlimited coins and accounts

Store unlimited types and amount of cryptocurrencies and blockchain access credentials.

Definity - HTML5 Template


Definity - HTML Tempalte
Dimensions & weight

Size: 56mm x 40mm x 6mm Weight: 35g


Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android


Quality plastic materials


Host + secure element

Software wallet

OrigoKey is connected to a multiplatform software wallet, by which you can store and make transactions with the most popular cryptocurrencies. With the planned portfolio manager and currency exchange service you will be able to develop and manage your own portfolio without having to go to a stock exchange. Software services and cryptocurrency support are continuously expanded.